Federal Appeals Court Says No to Reconsidering Guantánamo Prisoner's Sentence


Federal Appeals Court Says No to Reconsidering
Federal Appeals Court Says No to Reconsidering

In a major ruling, a federal appeals court rejected a request for a new military jury to consider a Yemeni prisoner's life sentence. Detainee Ali Hamza al-Bahloul was linked to al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden and was convicted in 2008 of conspiracy to commit war crimes. Two of his earlier convictions were thrown out and his lawyer wanted a new jury. Lighter punishment for remaining offence.

The court also rejected the application as it was too late. The prisoner's legal team argued that evidence obtained through torture should not have been used against him, but the court disagreed.

During the trial, Mr. Bahlul acted awkwardly, refusing to defend himself or allow his lawyer to question witnesses. They protested by waving signs and paper items during the proceedings.

The trial revealed that Mr. Bahloul made al-Qaida recruitment videos and helped the two September 11 hijackers. He also tried to help bin Laden monitor broadcasts about the attacks.

Despite this order, Mr Bahlul's legal team can continue to fight the case. He is the only prisoner serving a life sentence at Guantanamo Bay and has faced several legal battles.

A United Nations report has criticized the conditions of their detention, saying they are being held in solitary confinement, which is against international law. The report also states that he is not always allowed to interact with other prisoners.

Finally, the Federal Appeals Court's decision has important implications for Mr. Bahloul's future. The United Nations report has expressed concern over their treatment. The case will continue to attract attention and raise questions about human rights and national security.

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